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Hi everyone and welcome to the WiFi Home Security Cameras (WiFiHSC) website.

Home security and surveillance cameras have been a hobby of mine since I graduated from university.  In the beginning it was just a hobby buying various types of cameras to test around the house. At the beginning the cameras were expensive, bulky, costly and prohibitive as a hobby idea.

As technology advanced and new, cheaper, higher quality and more powerful cameras were developed, the more difficult it became to choose a surveillance camera.  A surveillance camera that would be easy to install, configure, and use with minimum cost and time.


Because of the burglary/trespassing statistics a home security surveillance camera(s) is not anymore a nice-to-have option, but rather how soon can I get and install one.

A typical family summer scenario is to plan one or two weeks get-away from home vacation, with a lot of fun activities and quality time with the family. However, according to the statistics, home burglaries and larceny increase during the summer holiday months (July, August) by 11% and 8% respectively. (https://www.getsafe.com/summer-crime-rates/)

According to LA Intelligence (https://laintelligence.com/burglary-statistics-facts-and-prevention/) “There are roughly 2.5 million burglaries a year, 66% of those being home break-ins. Police solves only 13% of reported burglary cases due to lack of a witness or physical evidence”.

Suddenly, the summer holidays plan becomes questionable, and as you read more about burglary and larceny statistics, the getaway plan turns into camping in the house backyard instead.


As you search the internet for the best camping equipment, you run into an article describing how a home burglary was prevented by a solder while in Iraq, 6500 miles away.  He received an alert on his mobile phone from his house doorbell camera, that two strangers were breaking into his house garage in Chicago.  He notified the Chicago police and the suspects were arrested within few minutes. The full article can be found at https://nypost.com/2020/02/23/us-soldier-in-iraq-helps-bust-burglars-with-doorbell-camera-app/

Here are some stories, evidence that home surveillance technology works, where technology helped prevent a burglary or helped police apprehend the suspects:

The smile returns to your face and you start searching the internet for smart home security cameras and devices to install and use so you can have a worries free summer holiday.  Your search identifies a plethora of home security equipment with the cost ranging from low to high and you are puzzled since you have multiple questions to answer.

  • What is the best home security camera?
  • What is the easiest to install and use?
  • How much should I spend?
  • Should I do the installation or hire someone else to do it for me?  How much will the installation cost?
  • What other equipment do I need to have a functional solution?
  • What part of the house should be monitored?
  • How many cameras do I need?


The process of identifying the right home surveillance camera, especially if you are new to this, is frustrating the least. There are a lot of options to choose from with cost ranging from low to high.  Additionally, once you purchase the camera you realize there are still things you need to make it work to address your needs. If not all the variables are considered before the purchase, the budget set aside for this project will not be enough.

As someone that has gone through this process multiple times and knows first-hand how frustrating it is, I like to help people to get the best home surveillance cameras with minimum hassle and within budget.


WiFi Home Security Cameras will help you answer these questions, provide tips and recommendations in your efforts to add surveillance and security to your house, so you can enjoy not only your summer holiday but also give you a peace of mind when you are away from your house at work or visiting relatives during a weekend.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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